Thanking, delighting, engaging and stewarding donors

Great donor communications make readers laugh, cry, and nod in understanding and agreement. It inspires. It delights. It forms long-term lasting relationships with your donors.  

Most of all, great communications motivate your donors to happily offer your charity even greater support – now and after they are gone.  

The Done Write Communications team has won awards for newsletter writing and design, and marketing communications. It has turned donor newsletters into hearty and steady new sources of revenue. Here’s an example of a newsletter Marlena McCarthy re-invented for long-term care home Belmont House.  

Done Write has written donor surveys that have achieved up to a 56% response rate, starting personal conversations that grow into deeper connections between charity and donor.  

We also have expertise in engaging donors through welcome packages, social media, website text and videos.

Let Done Write tell your story in intriguing and engaging ways.